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Pre-school-English, Chinese & Coding

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At Childfirst, we believe that being Trilingual in English, Chinese and Coding is important to future-proof your child. We are also strong advocates of developing your child’s unique talents.

The fact that you are reading this website shows that you are a caring parent. You want your child to be happy and successful in life. To achieve this, you must prepare your child for the future world.

However, do you know what the world will be like in 2030?

That is when your child will first start out on his/her career after many years of education and preparation.

We believe the best way to prepare your child for a happy and successful life is to understand what the future world would be like and then future-proof your child.

At ChildFirst, we future-proof your child to be:

• Trilingual in English, Chinese and Coding

• Unique


English is an international language and the first language in Singapore. Being competent in English is essential for academic and future success.

In your child’s lifetime, China’s position as the World’s top superpower will be enhanced. Being fluent in Chinese language and knowledgeable in Chinese culture will give your child a competitive advantage over monolingual and mono-cultural peers. Since many Singapore families are not providing enough Chinese language and culture exposure at home, ChildFirst provides a half-day English and half-day Chinese immersion environment to cultivate your child’s bilingual and bi-cultural competency.

Our Chinese immersion programme is so effective that many non-Chinese children are speaking and reading Chinese fluently after attending our pre-school.

We live in a world driven by technological innovations. We cannot imagine going back to a world without smart phones.

Your child’s generation will have to solve the global warming and sustainability problem and will likely find the cure for cancer through technological innovations. The invention of machines (Industrial Revolution) enabled human to amplify our physical power.

The invention of the thinking machine, the computer (Information Revolution), enabled human to amplify our brain power. To not use the thinking machine to help us to learn and think better and faster, is like going back to the Stone Age!

At ChildFirst, our curriculum incorporates not only Coding and Robotics, but also STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) for pre-school children. Technology literacy is an important skill required to future-proof your child. Many of the most valued companies today were started by young entrepreneurs who were exposed to technology early in life.

Our Trilingual Plus curriculum is designed to future-proof your child.


The world is too competitive. Just having a good education is necessary but not sufficient for success. To be successful, one must recognise and develop one’s unique talent.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates did not graduate from university and Alibaba founder Jack Ma may not be academically accomplished. By traditional education standards where success is synonymous with good grades, they have both failed! Yet they are successful figures in their field today because they were given the opportunity to realise their unique talents.

Our Plus Multiple Intelligences curriculum will help to realise your child’s unique talents.



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